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Be Sure to Avoid These Car Maintenance Mistakes

Last updated 3 years ago

Today’s cars are more reliable than ever, but they still need to be taken care of. Of course, you don’t need to perform car maintenance yourself, but you should certainly keep track of your vehicle’s condition and take it to a mechanic as necessary. Here are some car maintenance concerns that get overlooked all too often:

Going too long without an oil change
Engine oil keeps the moving parts inside your car’s engine running smoothly, but it gets dirty and less effective with every mile. After a pre-determined amount of driving—which varies depending on the vehicle and the oil used—the oil must be drained and replaced. If you are taking care of this yourself, remember that the oil filter must be changed as well, or the oil change will have been in vain. Running an engine on old oil could lead to engine seizure and irreparable damage.

Ignoring the signs of tire wear
Your tires are perhaps the most important safety feature on your car, so it is crucial that they stay in good shape. When your tires’ tread depth is less than 1/16th of an inch, their ability to grip the road is compromised. Be sure to replace your tires before they wear down too far and cause an accident.

Jump starting a car without knowing how
Many drivers have a set of jumper cables in the car, whether or not they have ever learned to use them. While carrying this equipment is a good idea, do not feel compelled to jump start a car with a dead battery if you are not very familiar with the procedure. Improper use of jumper cables can lead to electrocution, destruction of a car’s electrical system, and even fire.

Whenever your Chevy is in need of maintenance, you can rely on the professionals at Jerry’s Chevrolet. We provide top-notch service to drivers in the Baltimore area. For more information on our service department, inventory, or financing, contact us online or at (443) 588-2670.


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