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Fuel Efficient Cars

Last updated 5 years ago

With gas prices on the rise, people are replacing their cars with new ones that get much better fuel economy, and who can blame them. That’s why at Jerry’s Auto Group, we are proud to offer quality cars that get great fuel economy. The average 2013 vehicle gets 23 MPG, so let’s take a look and see how Chevrolet and Mitsubishi compare.


As we all know Chevrolet offers a wide range of vehicles for all consumers, however with gas prices on the rise, style has taken a back seat to fuel efficiency for some Marylanders. Keeping this in mind, Chevrolet has come out with some good looking vehicles that still get great fuel economy.

To start we will look at cars in the 40 plus MPG club, which includes the 2013 Cruze Eco and the 2013 Sonic. The 2013 Cruze Eco offers a Chevrolet best 42 MPG highway, which is very nice to have, especially in a sedan. The 2013 Sonic offers 40 MPG highway, this is a reliable car and for the price, you can’t ask for much more.

Next up is the 30-40 MPG club, which includes: 2013 Spark, 2013 Cruze, 2013 Malibu, 2013 Equinox, 2013 Camaro, and the 2013 Impala. The leader in this group is the 2013 Spark with 38 MPG highway, if you’re looking for a nice compact car that gets some really good fuel economy, than look no further. With 35 MPG highway, the 2013 Cruze is a good looking sedan that is worth every penny. The all new redesigned 2013 Malibu is next on the list, with 34 MPG highway this car promises to be one to look at. The redesign gives the inside a more luxurious look, while making the outside sleeker to match. The 2013 Equinox offers 32 MPG highway which for a midsized SUV, is phenomenal. The 2013 Equinox offers plenty of room and still gets fantastic fuel economy for a vehicle its size. The ever popular 2013 Camaro offers 30 MPG highway, not too shabby for a car that most people used to consider a gas guzzler. This speedy sports car is easily worth the money, especially with all the new little changes to the 2013. Last but certainly not least of this group is the 2013 Impala, this is a completely redesigned car that looks really good. The body is much sleeker with this year’s model and the inside is more luxurious than any Impala before.

Now we have the 30 and below MPG club, which includes: 2013 Corvette, 2013 Traverse, 2013 Avalanche, 2013 Tahoe, 2013 Suburban, and the 2013 Silverado. The leader of this last group is the 2013 Corvette with 26 MPG highway. With all this hype about the newly redesigned 2014 Corvette, people are forgetting about this beautiful car that is out right now, don’t miss out on this fast sports car that also offers good fuel economy. Next is the 2013 Traverse, with 24 MPG highway this SUV offers all the room you could ask for with great fuel economy for a vehicle of its size. With 21 MPG highway, the 2013 Avalanche certainly delivers; it gives you the capability to have a full bed pickup or a full two rows of seating, which ever you need. That with its fuel economy makes the 2013 Avalanche a hard vehicle to resist.  The 2013 Tahoe, which offers 21 MPG highway, is next on the list. The Tahoe is a full sized SUV and with that in mind, 21 MPG highway good.  The 2013 Suburban also gets a solid 21 MPG highway, and trust us; you won’t find much better full economy out there on a full size SUV. Last but not least in the Chevrolet family is the 2013 Silverado, which gets 19 MPG highway; you can’t expect the best fuel economy from a full sized pickup. However it does have the ability to transport almost anything you can imagine.


Mitsubishi makes a sportier vehicle compared to most, however with gas prices on the rise, style doesn’t mean as much as fuel economy anymore. Keeping this in mind, Mitsubishi has come out with some great looking vehicles that still get great fuel economy.

The 2013 Lancer gets 34 MPG highway, which is good and it doesn’t sacrifice performance or style to do it. Next, is the 2013 Lancer Sportback, which gets 32 MPG highway; the Sportback offers the same feel as the original lancer but gives you a little more room. The 2013 Outlander Sport gets 29 MPG highway; this crossover offers plenty of room for cargo and your passengers while still keeping the feel of a sports car. With all of this and great fuel economy, the 2013 Outlander Sport is worth a look. Now we have the 2013 Outlander which gets 27 MPG highway; this Outlander feels more like a family car and could be compared to the new Rav4. Last but certainly not least is the 2013 Lancer Evolution or Evo, which gets 22 MPG highway. This car is a must for those of you looking for a fast car to have some safe fun in, it has incredible speed and yet still gets good gas mileage.

With two cars that offer 40 or more MPG(e), six cars that offer 30-40 MPG and five cars with 19-30 MPG(e) Jerry’s Chevrolet & Mitsubishi  is your clear choice to buy a fuel efficient car in the Baltimore County area. We look forward to seeing you soon, to schedule an appointment please call (877)-535-0273; or click here for more information on our inventory.

All MPG information taken from and projected sales taken from USA today website.


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